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MS750 Remote Control  Crawler Lawn Mower

Project Information

Project Description

Introduction for MS750 Remote Control  Crawler Lawn Mower

The intelligent lawn mower can complete the work of mowing the lawn independently, without direct human control and operation, and has low power, low noise, exquisite and beautiful appearance, and greatly reduces manual operation.

Operating instructions of MS750 Remote Control  Crawler Lawn Mower

Preparation before starting the remote control mower

(1)Be sure to confirm the tightness of screws of all parts before starting up.

(2)Turn on the machine power key switch, pull back the right control lever and hold it, then press the switch key of the remote controller to turn on the remote controller.

(3)When the remote control is turned on, a "drip" will appear, indicating that the machine matches the remote control normally.

(4)engine start;

a> Release the brake on the right side of the engine (also disconnect the flameout switch);

b> Turn the left throttle counterclockwise to the end (so as to open the engine throttle at the same time);

c> Pull hard on the pull rope of the hand pull plate to start the engine;

d> Adjust the throttle to the proper speed in time after starting the engine;

Paramenters of MS750 Remote Control  Crawler Lawn Mower

Model : MS750

Whole machine size


Packing size


Whole machine weight


Cutting width


Adjustable height


Cutting height


Walking speed


Working slope


Minimum distance from the ground


Operation method

Remote control walking,

remote control knife disc lifting

Walking Way

Crawler walking

starting mode

Hand pull/electric start

control voltage


Engine Brand

LONCIN(Optional brands Yamaha, Dajiang)

Engine Power


Engine Type

Vertical axis four stroke

MS750 Remote Control  Crawler Lawn Mower